Wanna sell your words for a dollar each? Of course you do! So checkout these friendly skies offers and these roam and write offers. And check the details!

No slush!

So you want your work published already? Mix and match your best poetry, prose, and flash fiction to these literary journals. Excellent for building confidence and filling out your writing resume. Read the websites' details for the specifics, and become a query-to-published author!

What does rain say?

Fellow writers, do you at times find your novel characters out to lunch? On on holiday? Or maybe they're just not in a talking mood? Good, because that's when you can make use of rain gossip. The rain is always hanging (or dripping) around in some form... either as a downpoured deluge, in a sloppy, soaked weed patch, or as a steamy, foggy, swirly mist... And the rain has heard and seen everything from the sneaky whispers on the front porch at midnight to the tip-toed trips through the dew0bamp tulips... So what does the rain, or mist, or snow, or flood have to say? Plenty! Press your ear to the rain-cooled glass and you will decipher the pitter-pats... or stoop down, place your ear to the gr

Johnny, Sean, and Dave talk about their writing therapy.

I highly recommend this one hour video for writers and those who are psychologically healing. Thinking about ways to heal in the context of your own trials is good. That's where healing starts -- engaging the brain to the task! Talking with others -- whether they be trained professionals or trusted friends -- is also good. Taking other perspectives into consideration helps eliminate harmful tangents of over-analyzation. Writing out the details of, and your reactions to, your struggles helps fill in the gaps. Writing is a magical tool... a bridge between introspection and information from the outside world. When you start writing, your subconscious pops up and channels through the synapses be

What to do with that short story in your pocket.

Got an original, unpublished short story in your pocket? Don't let it go through the washer with the spring cleaning! Instead, polish and send that 1,000 - 4,000 word gem here and maybe win up to £100! Check the submission details and email your moving tale by May 31!

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