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Though this one seemeth to has't fallen by the wayside, updates-wise. Nonetheless, t maketh f'r m'rry reading! So has't a wend at t, lov'rs of ye olde English! Or tryeth t yourself...

Literary, sans agent.

Are you an unagented, unpublished author sitting on the next literary masterpiece? Up your "in print" odds with these publishers who understand your literary novel has no need for agency (or an agent). Be sure to read the publishers' details to find the best fit, and check submission dates!

Get ya noir on.

Got Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror Noir? Of course you do! Rustle up or polish one or two of those gems and enter to win up to $200. You have 5 days to enter! Make sure your winning entry is no more than 3,500 words. And here's one definition!

Quickie Contest

Here's a free quickster to spark your spring word sprees! Write a microfiction tale, hone it to no more than 10 words (including the title), and submit it BAM! You could get a free online 10-week writing workshop for your efforts!

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