Eleven Minutes of Detention

Fellow writer Tom Merriman wrote an Elevensies here, and invited his visitors to write one of their own, using the word prompts and genres. I'm a naughty schoolgirl at heart, so how could I resist this one? Lingering after school... He slowly erases the chalkboard. All integrity and honesty as a school teacher... evaporates. The mist of her perfume bewitches him as she sashays across the floor. Butterflies in his stomach... "I've been a naughty schoolgirl, and I accept my detention," she says with a giggle. His big, clammy hands slip around her petite waist. She's coy at first... But then smothers him with kisses. His glasses clatter onto the floor. Then the broom closet door bursts open! Ex

How far upwards must one tilt one's nose?

Calling all writerly snobs and aspiring writerly snobs: get your up-tilted noses and gifted and talented typing fingers over to HIGHSNOBIETY and see if you are the missing precious gem in their gilded wheel. With a self-professed audience of fashion impresarios, brand owners, influencers, trendsetters, AND "Individuals reluctant to mainstream," this snobby zine could be the host of your pretentious breakout article! Have your people contact their people ...Unless you are serious about the nose-tilting. In which case, simple fill out the form yourself, as in write, writer, write!

Contest to fund and facilitate the augmentation of your art.

CCA says what they say best: "The application for the 2020 Creative Capital Award is now open through February 28 at 2pm ET. Artists in all disciplines may apply in this round, and the application is free for all. Select artists will be invited to move forward to two more rounds." What kind of artists to CCA want to fund and advise? Artists (single or collaborative) who have at least five years of experience in said art, demonstrate deep understanding of their profession. and have career momentum. Additionally they seek projects which push boundaries and artists who will take full advantage of their advisory services. What does CCA give? $50,000 for art project development and $50,000 worth

Tom Merriman swirls the ennui of a writer in winter...

The hints are there, the challenge tough The signals indicate the trials ahead Sitting poised and ready Expel the shyness that inhibits Open the file, it may be a long night Ignore the chill, swipe away the darkness Mine the thoughts and type -Tom Merriman For more Merriman, visit his castle and take a tour...

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