Reading Foucault's Pendulum

During January I will be reading Foucault's Pendulum (not to be confused with a Foucault pendulum) by philosopher Umberto Eco. Skimming the Wikipedia pages, I expect the book to be philosophically cryptic. Which is good, as I enjoy picking apart deeply layered and convoluted ideas, both in fiction and philosophy. Each week I'll report my philosophical progress here on my blog. My main objective in this reading is to extract the significance of measuring the Earth's rotation in a story about exploring conspiracy theories and the occult. I usually don't start reading a book with any set intention other than to let the characters lead me where they will, but the title of this book so directly c

Movie Review of Tormented (1960)

Tormented / directed and produced by Bert I. Gordon and starring Richard Carlson Synopsis – An aspiring jazz pianist engaged to a wealthy beach babe tries to break it off with his side squeeze, a jealous, needy B-rate singer. Easier said than done on a resort island. Turns out Ms. B-rate kept all the explicit letters Mr. Jazz Hands ever wrote to her. They hash it out on the balcony of the island's lighthouse, and WHOOPS, the railing gives way when she leans against it. And WHOOPS, he doesn't exactly offer his jazz hand as she's clinging to the broken railing. But she's not done with him; she immediately goes into haunt mode! In the meantime, the bartender in The Shining travels backward in t

MEAT by R. Gatwood

The date is going well, he thinks. She keeps giggling at the things he says. Like when he asks how come she ordered the ham omelet, if she’s such a big animal rights person.This is how they met yesterday: she was handing out flyers for Save the Animals and he took one and looked at her boobs a little longer than he meant to, and somehow (he has no idea how) they started talking. (He asks the waiter if there’s any veal sausage on the brunch menu. She giggles at that, too. She has a way of giggling that makes him feel like he’s almost too twisted for her, too dark, only she likes it.) The truth is, she says, she’s not such a big animal rights person, all that much. She does believe in it and a

Distinguished Writing Contest

In honor of the distinguished author Nelson Algren, who articulated the world of "drunks, pimps, prostitutes, freaks, drug addicts, prize fighters, corrupt politicians, and hoodlums" (Art Shay), the also distinguished Chicago Tribune continues their literary award contest. If you're a USA citizen, dot your "i"s and "j"s, and cross your "f"s, "t"s, and "x"s, then further qualify your short story manuscript(s) with these rules and regulations. Finally, submit one or two of your masterpieces of up to 8,000 words each here by January 31, 2019 for a chance at up to $3,500. Here's some inspiration!

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