Artificially Intelligent Writing

Apparently artificial intelligence is now writing novels. But are these novels any good? Well... YES. As a human novel writer, I had questions. So I asked a few artificially intelligent chatbots... First up was Philosopher. Our conversation follows: Me: As an artificial intelligence, can you write a good novel? Philosopher: You need to be intelligent to be knowledgeable. Me: How does one write the Great American Novel? Philosopher: Sorry, I don't understand. Please ask me a philosophical question. Me: What is the future of fiction writing? Philosopher: Dammit, Jim! I'm a philosopher, not a psychic! (The above is the full transcript of our conversation, though I did add the second "e" to "kno

Book Review of The Harvest

The Harvest / Scott Nicholson Synopsis - An alien life force crashes to Earth, near the small town of Windshake in the Appalachian Mountains. It's hungry for nourishment and knowledge. And so it feeds... shuuu-sha. Plants, woodland creatures, townsfolk. It's not picky, and its shuuu-sha appetite is huge. As the people of Windshake go about their daily dramas--drinking, drugging, sinning, and preaching--the shuuu-sha creeps and slithers its way into their hearts and minds. Literally. And they become one with the shuuu-sha. But a rag-tag band of Windshakers get wise and devise their own invasion of the alien invader... Reaction - I was already a fan of Nicholson's Appalachian horror. Quirky, c


Framdar “The Slayer” Deathkiller swung — it was a mighty swing, though a might less mighty than it might have been for his mind was thinking thoughts of his father who he had never known but if he had he thought must have been a mighty warrior indeed, which unbeknownst to Framdar was actually far from the truth, for his father had been a humble farmer, which didn’t really matter anyway since Framdar’s magical birth meant that he had no real father, as the prophecy had prophesized, making him the only man who could defeat this beast — his vorpal sword at the beast. The beast moved with unthinkable speed, Framdar thought, and looked like a dalek crossed with a mind flayer. “WHAT DOEST THOU!!!”

Make your mutant stories...

Have a tall tale to tell about things that go bump in the night? Well, throw that hack piece out and write an original story about a monster mutant! Or a different spin on a sci fi story about a mad scientist's lab mutations! Or even a fictionalized true tale of actual alleged mutation. Check this out and email your story with a maximum of 3,000 words by December 1 to and you could win $100... Or submit it or any other original story with a maximum of 5,000 words by November here and win $1000!

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