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Teacher crouches behind desk. Students arrive... *** And that is my 6-word entry in this contest! Results? I managed to keep my lunch money. Regardless, much like in institutional environments, I've rarely done well in contests...

What Makes Teens Wonder?

If you are a teen, or used to be a teen, what makes / made you wonder? Write a story about it (up to 500 words). If it's subjectively wonderful by arbitrarily-imposed standards unknown to you, then you get a one-time allowance of $30! Express yourself; then submit to authority here, ya whippersnapper! And oh yeah...

Wow factor wins.

How much is written brilliance worth? €50 Written shine? €25 Written glow? €15 No rules really, except for the 300 word limit, excluding the title. And it must be in English. And in fiction. Unleash the imagination dragon!

Learn me this contest.

Sit up straight, hands to yourselves, and no peeking. Your assignment is to write a teacher story between 6 and 749 words following these rules and submit it here by September 16 of this school year. Students who do NOT submit a story by the above specified date will receive an "INCOMPLETE." Students who DO submit a story by the above specified date will receive a "FAIL" (except for the winners). The winners get all the lunch money.

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