What's your Earthpocalypse?

Preferably in the 1,500 to 5,000-word range. Besides the obvious catastrophic climate change, how about overpopulation? Wildlife extinction? Deforestation? Air and water pollution? How about failure to implement worldwide universal basic income in the face of increasing wealth inequality and job automation? Pick your poison and put pen to paper. Better yet, if you want a chance to win $1,000, read this, then send your story digitally here!

Literally literary literature...

I'm about to plow through revisions to my next novel in the queue... my stand-alone literary novel. And rather than start by fully understanding what a literary novel is (because who really knows that anyway?) I'm learning by writing. But I do have a baseline. I want my literary masterpiece to be a mirror of modern Western society. Or more realistically, I want my literary attempt to be a snapshot of how I see modern Western society. DOGWALKERS is about a wealth disparity-based society, and the relationships between the people in that society. Poor VS Rich. Poor VS Poor. And Rich VS Rich. The human condition in a pre-post-scarcity economy. Just how much humanity we're willing to trade to gre

Batch 413

(Below is the story I submitted from my last post. I opted for the radio play format with almost 100% of the story being dialogue (a vice of mine). Because it's a DuoLINGO contest, I opted to jettison dialogue tags. There are only two characters in the story; if I didn't get lost, you won't!) “Jack, did you tackle batch number 413 yet?” “Oh hi, Quilene. No. I haven’t added anything to any test tubes since you started working with the viruses. I won’t touch those nasty things.” “Jack, your job as my research assistant is to assist me without exception.” “Research assistant? You advertised for a personal assistant. I'm sorry I’m so squeamish. It’s just that I have a germ phobia.” --- “I've got

Story Lingo Contest

Calling all writers and soon-to-be writers! The language-learning website Duolingo is awarding $500 for 150 - 250 words! I submitted a short story, now you submit yours. You have 2 whole days! They just want you to keep it rated G. Comedy, romance, drama, fantasy, thriller, or adventure genres only, and your story may be written as a radio play or standard short story prose.

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