Month of Flash Fiction

For the month of April, I'm resuming my flash fiction writing. Four flash fiction stories, documented on this blog, including my reveal of this one. If you enjoy reading and / or writing flash fiction, check out this site for reader-written stories paired with constructive reader comments. Then organically write your own story, or play around here!

Two more rejections...

Hooray the Ides of March! For with it came two more rejections, and the more rejections, the greater the chance of an eventual acceptance. Or so the story goes... On March 13, I received this from the first agent I queried: Dear CM, Thanks for letting me take a look at your query. I’m sorry it has taken so long to get to it. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’m not the right agent for this project, so it’s best if I pass. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I wish you success with your future writing. I. Will Pass (agent's name paraphrased) On March 14, I received this from the third agent I queried: Dear CM Stewart, Thanks for your query. Unfortunately, I don't feel I’m the right agent for your

10 Words

You are stranded alone on a deserted island. Plot twist: Instead of this fate being a happily-ever-after in a solitary paradise, it's horrible. A horror story. Why? How? Also, perhaps specifically where, when, and possibly who and... what. You get the idea: Write a story! Besides the thrill of creativity, 10 words (or as many as 1K) can win $500. I entered with 10 words, not including my 5-word title. The deadline is the end of this month... Enter here!

Writer's Milestone!

I passed an aspiring writer's milestone. My first "official" literary agent rejection. I expect many more to come... If 'twere on paper, I'd frame it. Below is the email: Dear Mr. Stewart, Thank you for including me in your agent queries. I have reviewed it, and am afraid I must step aside on this proposed book. I wish you all the best with your endeavor. Best, U. R. Rejected (I paraphrased the agent's name.) I especially like the "Mr." So respectable. But not a clue on what was disliked or what (if anything) was promising. And still no word from the first agent I queried... And so I've submitted MEATFUL THINGS to the next agent in line... Onward!

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