Book Reviews of The Edge of Life and We Are All Completely Fine (plus a bonus)

The Edge of Life / Joe Hart Synopsis - A mysterious vanishing man shows up at the door of an everyday family man and instructs him to "trust." But why should one stranger trust another? Turns out Mr. Vanishing knows things. And has supernatural powers (beside the vanishing thing). And likes to play games. And now Mr. Family is minus the "family." Mr. Vanishing wants (the former) Mr. Family to kill and kill and kill again... and to trust that all the killing will restore his family to their former living state with a bonus to boot. But why, and how? Nevermind, just "trust"... Reaction - This fast-paced quickie firmly gripped my attention for the one hour it took me to read it. Given the brevi

Book Reviews of The Fifth Child and The Copy

The Fifth Child / Doris Lessing Synopsis - Newlyweds Harriet and David are in love with making babies. They just bought a big house with a big yard and have big plans to fill their lives with lots of home-made babies. They pop out one, two, three, four beautiful, loving babies, appropriately spaced apart, in accordance with responsible baby-making. But wait. There's no such thing as "responsible baby-making." And to baby-make matters worse, the prolific parents oopsied the baby-making scheduling, and now they've popped out a demon spawn instead of a beautiful and loving baby number five. And by "demon spawn," I mean "DEMON SPAWN." Figuratively, not literally, but you get the point. Philosoph

Book Reviews of Winter's Destiny and The Painted Darkness

Winter's Destiny / Nancy Allan Synopsis - The gifted and talented and beautiful Amy is living a perfect life-by-the-sea. She has an angelic son, a successful and handsome doctor husband, and a fulfilling career as on in-demand architect. And she has the luxury of working from home in her seaside estate. What could possibly go wrong? Well, she just saw her double staring at her through her bedroom window. And to top it all off, now her husband doesn't want to badonkadonk anymore. Not with her, anyway. Next thing you know, her son is kidnapped. Enter Sherriff Dallas to the rescue! Together they leapfrog through a series of perilous beach excursions and cliffside cliffhangers while continuous

Book Reviews of Overclocked and Lake Lurkers

Overclocked / Cory Doctorow Synopsis – This collection of six short stories explores the author's sci-fi vision of of future plausible computer-glichy scenarios. Doctorow explores rogue computer viruses and worms, forced human labor in a dystopian technocracy, the future intersection of technology and environment, and more. Reaction – I found the first story in this book of short stories too jargon-heavy to finish. After forcing myself to page 25, I skipped ahead, and I found the remaining stories too character-light. Not worth my time, I tossed it into my "Donate" pile. Recommendation – This collection is for way-too-cool tech-savvy only. Get the book here. * * * Lake Lurkers / MP Johnson S

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