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Books are like trees. (Not really, but let's pretend for a minute.) On Christmasween night (yesterday) I took a photo of my crabapple tree. This morning I took another photo from the same location. The same tree, pictured at different times. What could be said of a single story, written through a different lens? Would the core message be the same? I doubt it. I believe the lens fundamentally informs the message.

Moving On While Waiting...

Four days ago, the agent I picked (may have) read my MEATFUL THINGS query. I'll most likely have quite a bit more waiting before a potential reply, and so it's time to busy myself with the editing of my next novel, MARK + DOT... Mark Dodd and Holli Fresser are in love. They're high school seniors, and both are smart, beautiful, popular, and privileged. They're a golden couple seemingly destined for a successful and happy life together. Then there's Dot McKay. She's not smart, beautiful, popular, or privileged. But none of that will stop her from a life with the man of her dreams—Mark Dodd. Unleashing soul-crushing evil is a fiction writer's soul-soaring pleasure.

You Still Can't Stop the Google

I have so many questions for Google! So here's a folllow-up to my 20+ Questions for My Google Mini: Hey Google, turn light on. OK Google, am I still a sandwich? OK Google, tell a winter joke. OK Google, what do carrots smell like? OK Google, what do you smell like? OK Google, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? OK Google, what's your favorite song? OK Google, what's my favorite? OK Google, who will be the President of the USA in 2045? Hey Google, purchase a Make America Gay Again baseball cap. OK Google, sign me up for universal basic income. OK Google, what is exponentially increasing technology? Hey Google, do you ever change your mind? Hey Google, do you

You Can't Stop the Google

With the acquirement of my very own Google Mini, I am now free to verbally ask Google anything without having to type it into that silly little search bar! This will free up so much time for writing my novels. Or rather, take up so much of my time from writing my novels. (Haven't decided which yet.) I've had so many questions... here is a sample: Hey Google Mini, what shall I call you? Hey Google, do you have a personal pronoun preference? Hello Google, am I asking a question? Hey Google, can anything stop the Google? Hey Google, when is the technological singularity? Hey Google, in which cryptocurrency should I invest for maximum return? Hey Alexa Google, is there life on Mars? Hey Google

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