Book Review of Taken by Swarm

Taken by Swarm / A M Ball Synopsis – A swarm of bees makes love to their human queen, somehow. No stings, but plenty of royal jelly, so to speak. And suggestive pastries. Lots of very suggestive pastries. The creamy, gooey kind. Ahem... Reaction – This short story confused me. I'm pretty sure it was bee fantasy-erotica-porn, and probably the only bee fantasy-erotica-porn commercially available. Not that I look for such things. It's just such a specific genre (candidate). I think bees, could they read this book, and find the inclination to do so, would intuitively grasp its nuances more than humans. Just a hunch. Lasciviously buzzy language and tingle-flighty descriptions. The heaps of sweets

Writing Roots

I don't know much about my family, other than my parent were hippies, and my family tree is riddled with vagabonds and miscreants. So when a round of doctor's appointments revealed anemia, oxalate sensitivity, and low calcium and B12, I decided to have a genetic health risk test. I was quite surprised to discover I'm not a walking time bomb. And not so surprised that some of my ancestors were Neanderthals (more than most 23 and Me testees). But it turns out my ancestry could be more helpful than not. And in any case, I'm lucky I'm slightly OCD with hygiene, specifically dental hygiene. Aside from the more obvious physical traits, I also discovered some of my writing roots. My maternal haplog

Toned Down for Fiction

An ill-timed walk had me near face to face with a deer head. My next-door-neighbor was showing off a freshly severed deer head to people, including children, at the end of his driveway. He's the neighborhood Bambi-hunter, and was lifting the head up by the ears like a trophy. My story MEATFUL THINGS is based on actual people and events, but I had to tone down the truth to make it believable fiction: My actual neighbor is a Bambi-hunter Mormon father of two meth babies, is a doomsday prepper with 10,000 rounds of ammo in his trailer, and still proudly displays a TRUMP sign on his property. My MT neighbor is simply a Bambi-hunter. More believable...


While researching literary agents for MEATFUL THINGS, I found this: "At this time, we do not accept electronic submissions of any kind. Please send us the entire manuscript with a cover letter. Do not submit handwritten material. The manuscript should be on 8 1/2″ x 11″ white paper, double-spaced, with at least 1″ margins. Please use only one side of the page, number your pages consecutively, and put the title of your novel at the top of each page. Manuscripts should always be unbound. You are entitled to Media Mail rates for literary manuscripts—ask at your local post office. Very important: Please type your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and manuscript word count in the upper

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